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June 2022

Hello and welcome to June.

Perhaps you've heard the news of the 'Great Retirement' and even know a few professionals who have walked into the lifestyle at seemingly a young age. There's conflicting reports; in Canada where preretirees are more conservative and postponing the decision, 3.3 million of our American cousins retired during the pandemic with more joining the fold every day.

If you're not ready to make the big decision yet you can try out working remotely (not the same as working from home!) by becoming a Digital Nomad. The 5 tips in this month's update will get you started.

Our next CPD webinar is on Tuesday June 14th, sponsored by our partner TaxCycle, who will be showing how easy it is to prepare a T2 corporate tax return when your client uses Xero as their online accounting solution. Tommy Stephens will be providing an overview of Windows 11 - What End Users Need to Know. This session will be full of practical information you can use immediately so be sure to register to attend today.

We are filling up the 2022 calendar with topics that we hope you find informative and engaging. The links to register for mini-webinars from July to September can be found below.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact me.




Can Your Browser Affect Your Privacy?

Privacy issues abound in today’s connected world. As you browse the Internet, prying eyes are trying to capture information about you, the topics you are interested in, items you are considering purchasing, and even your religious and political leanings. So, if you’re concerned about your privacy – or lack thereof – you may want to ask, “can your browser affect your privacy” and, if it does, what can you do to regain some control.

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5 Steps to Success as a Digital Nomad

Today, you don’t need to stop working to travel the world. These 5 steps to success as a digital nomad give you tips on working from anywhere. You can travel indefinitely as a digital nomad by making money through remote work! If you have decided you are part of the great resignation or the great retirement, you may want to explore the world through travel. Here’s how to start remotely working to become a digital nomad.

Our broad curriculum of over 75 technology-focused CPD webinars accessible from your home or office provide verified CPD credit hours for a remarkably low price. We invite you to explore our catalogue of On Demand Webinars covering a wide range of topics including:

K2's Advanced Excel Reporting - Best Practices, Tools and Techniques (4 CPD hours)

K2's Your Workday in the Cloud - (2 CPD hours)

K2's Password Management Tools - Why and How You Should Use Them (2 CPD hours)

Experience Sage's Online Accounting Solution for Your Small Business Clients

Join us for an on-demand session showcasing Sage Accounting Accountants Edition.

In this session, discover Sage Accounting’s intuitive and collaborative features. Learn about the benefits to both your practice and your clients. See how easy it is to get started online. Then deep dive into its features including banking, sales invoices, reporting and more!

See It In Action (30 mins) 

Attend a Road to Excellence mini-webinar in person and earn 1 verified CPD credit when you answer a minimum of 75% of the polling questions and attend for 50 minutes of the live session. Every registrant will receive a link to the recorded webinar; so sign up today to ensure you're on the list.

All sessions begin at 12:00 pm ET

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No Charge to Attend

Join our webinar with our very own, Nana Guenther, CPA, on June 22nd at 1:30pm EDT who will be exploring the following topics:

  • What Digital Commerce is how it differs from e-commerce
  • The issues that accountants and bookkeepers face with e-commerce
  • Digital commerce opportunities that firms need to pay attention to
  • How to Decide on a Digital Commerce tech stack

Learn how Digital Commerce accounting automation saves sellers time, money, and headaches while increasing accuracy and efficiency.