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Tech Update - February 2020

Good Day

January provided a few days of snow for cross-country skiing, hopefully you had a chance to get outside and enjoy winter.  

Upon reading a blog post recently I started to wonder, is the use of a password manager an ethical requirement in today's technology world?  For details on this and our quick tips for Word and Excel please check out the links below. 

As always, your questions and comments are appreciated.  

Have a great day.


Password Managers - An Ethical Requirement?

In the article Your Pa$$word Doesn't Matter the author Alex Weinert says “ – your password, in the case of breach, just doesn’t matter – unless it’s longer than 12 characters and has never been used before – which means it was generated by a password manager”. The article goes on to note “your account is more than 99.9% less likely to be compromised if you use MFA”. This introduces a clear ethical issue for anyone not using a password manager and MFA (multi-factor authentication). Consider these questions in relation to the five fundamental principles of ethics:

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How To Protect Yourself Against A Phishing Attack

How do you protect yourself against phishing attacks? You have probably heard about phishing in the context of the Internet. But in fact, phishing is older than the web itself. This password-stealing technique was first used over the phone. Hence the name that’s a portmanteau of “phone” and “fishing”, as in fishing for passwords or other information.

Today, phishing attacks are still going strong, although now in digital form. Read to find out what a phishing attack is and how to protect your accounts from this common cyber threat.

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