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Tech Update - August 2020

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Welcome to this month's newsletter. As the 'new normal' becomes normal, I encourage you to support your local small businesses. We have been canoeing, hiking and camping throughout July, and here in Nova Scotia, those in the tourism industry are incredibly appreciative of our patronage.

We have some great articles this month, including one on multi-factor authentication, a necessity in today's world and another article on importing data into Excel with your phone.

We also have some great tips on using Excel and Word in the links below.

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With the world in a major state of change, more accountants and bookkeepers than ever are looking to improve their ability to work effectively with their clients remotely. Save time by automating your data entry and spend it supporting your clients with crucial cash flow insights using real-time data.

Multi-Factor Authentication - A Necessity in Today's World

From the perspective of data security, today’s world is an extremely dangerous one. It is hard to go a single day without hearing about yet another data breach, a phishing incident, or some other form of security nightmare. Yet, virtually all of us have a simple and highly effective security option available in the form of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In this article, we explore MFA and how and why you should implement it to improve the security of your data and reduce the likelihood that you will become yet another victim.

Snap a Picture to Import Data Into Excel

Last fall, Microsoft announced forthcoming capabilities to take a picture of a data set using your Android-based or iOS-based device and import that data in Excel. That feature has now been fully rolled-out to both the Android and iOS platforms. In this tip, you will see just how easy it can be to get data into Excel by simply snapping a picture.

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Using Controlled Folder Access to Block Ransomware

With the Fall 2017 update to Windows 10 (version 1709 or newer), Microsoft added a terrific new feature to the operating system that should prove to be very effective in preventing ransomware from attacking your computer and holding your data hostage. This new feature – Controlled Folder Access (CFA) – prevents unauthorized applications from making changes to documents in specific folders that you choose to protect, including your Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Desktop, and Favorites folders.

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Forecast Sheet and Forecast.ETS

Excel’s Forecast Sheet feature not only creates forecasted values that account for seasonality, but it also can provide confidence boundaries around the forecasted values and create forecasted values for multiple future periods.

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