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September 2020

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I hope you had time to enjoy August; for us, August was about spending time with family and friends. With summer activities winding down and people getting back into the swing of work and school, we have an article this month on The Cost of Paper.

Also in this edition of our newsletter, we have information on the new "LET" function, significant changes for Microsoft Office, Blackbaud Ransomware Attack Reiterates the Need for Strong Cybersecurity Controls and some great quick tips for Excel and Word.

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With the world in a major state of change, more accountants and bookkeepers than ever are looking to improve their ability to work effectively with their clients remotely. Save time by automating your data entry and spend it supporting your clients with crucial cash flow insights using real-time data.

The Cost of Paper

With the move to working from home, one of the restrictions for many organizations is the reliance on paper. When an organization looks at moving to a paperless office the decision is made to postpone the process due to costs. These costs are easy to calculate and include scanners, multi-monitors, PDF editing software, and electronic document management software.However, a paperless office may cost less. To make the decision a calculation of the cost of paper in your organization is needed.
Excel's New LET Function Can Simplify Your Formulas
If you access Excel through an Office 365/Microsoft 365 subscription, get ready for the new LET function.  LET began appearing in select releases of Excel in July 2020 and will continue to roll-out over the upcoming year. In essence, LET allows you to declare and store a variable inside a formula. Once you establish the variable with LET, you can then use that variable repeatedly in the same formula. In this article, you will learn how Excel’s new LET function can simplify your formulas.

Significant Changes for Microsoft Office Are On The Way 

Significant changes for Microsoft Office – a “staple” technology in most businesses – are on the way! Although Microsoft announced these changes previously, many professionals remain unaware of them. Further, many have not yet prepared to manage through these changes to minimize disruption. In this article, you will learn about the coming changes for Office. Moreover, you will also learn what you should do now to prepare for them. 

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Blackbaud Ransomware Attack Reiterates the Need for Strong Cybersecurity Controls
Software publisher Blackbaud recently reported that the firm was a target of a ransomware attack. The attack, which occurred in May, affected numerous universities, alumni organizations, and other organizations that use the company’s administration, fundraising, and financial management software. Although the hack occurred in May, Blackbaud did not report the incident until July. In this article, you will learn more about the attack and what you can do to avoid becoming yet another victim of ransomware.

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