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Tech Update - July 2020


I certainly did not think when the pandemic started that we would still be living under restrictions in July. I hope you are doing okay. For us, canoeing and camping season is getting started with several trips booked.

This month's blog post is a followup to our automation post last month. With a simple Excel query, you can quickly summarize the automatically extracted data for posting or analysis. Check out the blog posting, link below, for full details.

In addition, we have some great tips on using Excel and Word in the links below.

As always, we appreciate receiving your questions or comments.

Stay Safe


With the world in a major state of change, more accountants and bookkeepers than ever are looking to improve their ability to work effectively with their clients remotely. Save time by automating your data entry and spend it supporting your clients with crucial cash flow insights using real-time data.

Automation of Bills and Receipts

- A Followup

In our previous post, we discussed using one of the online automation tools to process your bills and receipts. For many who are not using an online accounting solution, the advantages appeared limited. In this post, we will cover the benefits these tools, like Receipt Bank, bring to any business.

Tips and Tools for Starting a Home-Based Business

There are many benefits to starting a home-based business. These tips should save you some effort. First, you can go after something you are passionate about rather than following someone else’s dreams. Second, you call the shots and determine where to take your business at each junction. Third, working from home means that you have more flexibility in when you work and how you make money.

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Microsoft Begins Rolling Out the New 'Briefing' Feature

Microsoft has begun rolling out the new Briefing feature to Office 365/Microsoft 365 Administrative users. Briefing is a service that sends a daily email alerting you to upcoming items on your calendar. In this article, you will learn how you can use Briefing to prepare better for your workday.

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Excel's Ideas Feature - A Great Way to Summarize and Analyze Data

Excel’s Ideas feature offers tremendous opportunities for you to summarize and analyze data automatically. With Ideas, you no longer need to write formulas or manually create formulas to get answers to your questions – Ideas does the work for you! In this tip, you will learn how you can take advantage of Ideas.

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