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Tech Update - April 2020


We are in unprecedented times, and we hope this finds you, your family and friends healthy and safe. For the latest government support for individuals and small business, please visit this website.

With the need to work remotely, I also wanted to share this resource available for training on Microsoft Teams.

As more businesses shift to working from home offices, one issue the team at our office have been dealing with, in Microsoft Teams, is setting up meetings with people outside the organization. Our blog post will walk you through setting up these meetings. For details on this and our quick tips for Word and Excel, please check out the links below.

As always, we appreciate receiving your questions or comments.

Stay Safe


Microsoft Teams - Meetings with People Outside Your Organization

Microsoft Teams provides a service to collaborate with people both inside and outside your organization. Teams provides chat, secure file sharing, audio calls, video calls, and desktop sharing. Currently, Microsoft Teams is available for free. You can sign up for the service here. If you are already using Office 365, Teams is part of business and enterprise plans.

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Responding to COVID-19 with Remote Access?

Pay Attention to Security!

As the world comes to grips with COVID-19, many businesses are responding by encouraging team members to work from home.

The rationale behind this action is to reduce the possibility of a contaminated team member encountering other team members, and potentially contaminating them. Unfortunately, not everyone has thoughtfully considered the security ramifications of encouraging team members to work remotely. Consequently, many of these new remote workers may potentially and unknowingly compromise sensitive information. Read this article to learn about five security best practices you need to have in place in these environments. 

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Solve Formatting Issues in Excel with Center Across Selection

Many Excel users struggle with formatting their spreadsheets to give them a polished and professional appearance.

Among the challenges these users face is how to center text over multiple columns.  Learn how you can use Excel’s Center Across Selection feature to solve this problem quickly and easily in this tip. Also, learn how Center Across Selection differs from Excel’s Merge & Center feature, which often results in “downstream” formatting issues.

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